Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thinking Ahead

As you put the finishing touches on your holiday decorating, it is never too early to think of next year. I know, this sounds crazy, but you will thank me for this advice in the end.

Do you drive past homes where you admire their outdoor holiday decorations? Have you been invited to a friend's or neighbor's home for a holiday get together and love what they have done on their dinner table, buffet, centerpiece or in the family room? Have you always yearned for a tree in every room with a different themed collection?

Now is the time to think about what you feel is missing in your home as all the lights, ornaments, and holiday decor will be marked down to extremely low prices! In this market retailers will be looking to clear out their stock to make their numbers for fourth quarter, so get in on the deals!

Special tips: think ahead, it will save you time and money in the long run!

• Look for the outdoor decorations that you dreamed of having - changing from colorful lighting to all white will give you an elegant and sophisticated look! Colorful lights lend themselves to a more whimsical appearance and can be fun and engaging!

• Think about your holiday table settings - do you wish you had wine markers or serving dishes with a holiday theme? Now is the time to get it!

• Don't wait for next year to first think about it, after all, you have to pack up all this years decorations, might as well add to the mix now, and be ready for next year!

• Add a second or third tree to your home - decorate it in a new style - maybe your family room tree is traditional; add a fun whimsical theme in the living room, a French Country or Victorian theme to the kitchen!

For all who celebrate Chanukah, there are great deals for you as well! Great paper goods, beautiful jacquard tablecloths and more. Even though the decorations for this holiday might now be as grand, you can find a bargain on a new menorah, manual and electric, and those unusual candles that are way over priced earlier in the season are probably half priced now!

Let's not forget holiday greeting cards, they are all available now at half the price!

Have fun! Enjoy the Holiday Season and have a Wonderful New Year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday decorating the easy way!

This time of year we are all so busy shopping and running around to get ready for the holidays. There is a sense of urgency to get the best deal, to be "done" and ready for the season. People feel this need to update their rooms with a fresh look, so their family will oohh and aaahh over how nice everything looks when they gather together. We all want an updated look in our homes, as we spend more time indoors.
Special Tip: give yourself a break! Adding a bouquet of fresh flowers or plant to a room will give it new life!

It is not important to spend a lot of money or time to renovate your home just because company is coming. Rearranging the furniture will give a room a new look and might even lend itself to a better layout for entertaining. I would not take on any large projects, even if they seem easy and small at the time. Painting a room can be the best way to add new life to a room any other time of the year, but for now, it is too much pressure and stress to add onto yourself at a time of year when these emotions run high anyway.

Here are a few ideas:

• Add a new centerpiece to your dinner table, or foyer.

• Make name placards for your guests that follow the theme of your holiday.

• Use silk flowers to make new napkin rings for each setting. This is much easier than you would imagine! Or buy ribbons and tie them around your cloth or paper napkins to follow the holiday color story.

Anything you do to add to the holiday cheer will lighten up your surroundings and give friends and family the sense of warm, inviting atmosphere.

After all, your guests are there to see and celebrate with you....