Thursday, August 13, 2020

Empty Nest? Time to update some bedrooms!

 It has been way too long since our kids lived home... we miss their voices, singing, music we used to hear echoing through the house.  When they visit, it is wonderful; but as we examine the house, the rooms, the colors... boy do we need to clean and update!

As a designer my kids knew I loved to decorate and re-decorate - I was all ways ready for a color change, a new look (yes, all ways, in every way)  I find it so much fun to redefine your space.  Being in the home textiles industry for over 20 years... bedding, blankets, throws, dec pillows are my thing!  I design every day for others, why not my family and my house.

Well, it was time ...Back in the day warm dark colors were all the rage; now it is about 

"clean and classic".  

Neutrals Rule!

Out with the deep dark mocha that we had painting on the ceiling and the walls... WOW that is a job!  It took 2 coats of Killz and then 3 coats of the soft off-white we chose.  The ceiling took 2 coats of primer and then 2 coats ceiling white!

TIP: if you are trying to cover a dark color; be sure to use a primer and be prepared to do at least 2 coats of paint, especially if you plan to use a much lighter color in the end!

A dark mocha on the walls and ceiling!
Thankfully I have a "Handy Husband"
who is a great painter!

Once we finally covered this dark color on the walls and ceiling we were so happy to look down the hall to this fresh new room!  I made use of our existing art, window treatments and furniture... no reason to invest in new at this time - 

I did add a pop of my favorite color; a soft teal cotton coverlet; some inherited pillows from my daughter, a plant relocated from my room and a new rug....

I am only sorry I did not take true before pictures prior to taking everything out and covered it all with the drop cloths....  I am always in such a rush to get started I often forget this step.

We tore up the carpet... that has been in this room since we moved in 20 years ago!!!!

The original wood floors underneath had never been exposed, except of course when the house was built back in the 70's! 

They were in perfect condition!

When you take out carpet expect tons of dust and dirt; the back of the carpet along with the foam over years starts to deteriorate so that was a mess!

All the base molding was removed and my "Handy Husband" got a beautiful high profile base and quarter round, painted it to match the trim in the room and it looks amazing!  So happy he has a nail gun!

I still have a few finishing touches I want to add; linen panels to soften the look of the wall and windows and a few more pieces of art for the walls - some of my dad's photography...

Very happy with our renovation... the kids like it too!