Saturday, January 6, 2018

Trends.... what actually makes it a trend?

As I prepare to leave for a 16 day journey to Europe I am reflecting on what I learned last year, and wondering what fun inspirations are in store for me.
Everyone talks about "trend" but what is that exactly....
I would define this as a look or colors that are everywhere- in retail stores in all categories; apparel, bedding, candles, even nail polish colors - the way I see it, they are colors and ideas that are seen in stores, or online, that resonates with the majority. However... I am a realist and I ask myself, are they self fulfilling prophecies? Pantone along with Cotton Inc. (to name a few) and paint companies assign their "color of the year". Then everyone starts "pinning" their products available in these colors. If paint companies and color companies say it is so and manufacturers all follow these ideas, then products are made in these colors, to fit the idea of what is "on trend", and retail buyers then "see it everywhere" when shopping for the next season, and purchase it for their stores, so then that is what is available in the stores.... so that is what the consumers see, and so it is true, and so it becomes the trend!
Growing up I clearly remember when a true trend meant that something is "IN" or "OUT"
My clearest memory of this is skirt lengths - Mini was in... mini skirts, hot pants, the shorter the better. The next season... it was definitely OUT and Midi was in - calf length; culottes, gouchos ( crazy name for flaired capris!) .... the next year MAXI WAS IT! If you look at that trend, I would say that is the start of the Boho look that is "so on trend" now!
It seems to me for well over 15 years now, skirt lengths are "in" if they flatter your figure, look nice, are paired with the right shoes and are well pulled together.
Style Portobello has a great article on this exact topic! Fashion is cyclical
In apparel... looks and colors come and go and come back again - the exact reason I have always held on to my velvets! Same goes for our homes and how we decorate; the color we paint our house, the walls inside, the towels and bedding we buy. The same applies to kitchens and bathrooms; stainless appliances were the hottest thing, now black stainless is being introduced, darker woods in flooring and cabinetry are all "trending" right now! • New materials, new substrates, new colors Who will come up with the next great color combination and will it stick? Will it resonate at retail and add volume to sales?
Here is what I think... you can never go wrong with classic clean elegant colors in your home- vintage or antique white, greys, tans and flax hues with pops of the colors you are "feeling at the time.
My advice? look at what is being shown in the stores, on pinterest, online shopping.... then go with what resonates with you - nothing is "OUT"
Trends are in the "eye of the beholder"

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Freeeeezing Cold......

As I bundled up this morning for my daily commute from NJ to the beautiful isle of Manhattan I knew that I had to dress for the weather.... not forgoing fashion of course but definitely for warmth! Who knew I would come in to NO HEAT! So as I sat at my desk, overlooking Fifth Avenue in the heart of the Home Textiles district I could not help but to think..... ice cold blue!!! That led me to color and pattern and.... why not use this as another inspiration.
If a photograph or an image could conjure up a feeling, what would that look like? Here are three I found that express the extreme cold I am feeling as my frozen fingers dance across the keyboard this morning...
Then I started to think, hmmmm winter patterns, what would be "cool"... (every pun intended!) so here is the design I came up with! Will definitely add this to our throw and bath assortment for 2018
Baby it's color outside....Stay warm!