Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Never too early for Color Palettes!

So here we are in the middle of summer and I am already, in my mind, at the end of September... and well into Fall 2019! My family has learned that for me, when Memorial Day hits, I am already thinking Labor Day, Jewish Holidays and Market Week!
I have been in Home Textile fashion industry for well over 20 years and I live by "MARKET WEEK"
In my business, with most production overseas; in Asia, Turkey, Portugal and India, time is money and being prepared is a key to success! My design team is amazing and we work year round designing and creating... for the future. We need to be prepared with the latest and greatest ideas to present to our retail partners.... with this said my eyes are always open and searching for something to spark my interest and inspire me on a journey to find what will resonate with our clients, with their customers for each upcoming season. This weekend, walking around my favorite city, the isle of Manhattan; on a nice Saturday afternoon; strolling Union Square we happen upon the weekend Farmer's Market... and what better place to be inspired by colors....
Flowers, Beets, Radishes,Carrots of every colors... Gladiolas! A plethora of color inspiration!!
Getting to work matching pantone colors.... so exhilerated!