Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Freeeeezing Cold......

As I bundled up this morning for my daily commute from NJ to the beautiful isle of Manhattan I knew that I had to dress for the weather.... not forgoing fashion of course but definitely for warmth! Who knew I would come in to NO HEAT! So as I sat at my desk, overlooking Fifth Avenue in the heart of the Home Textiles district I could not help but to think..... ice cold blue!!! That led me to color and pattern and.... why not use this as another inspiration.
If a photograph or an image could conjure up a feeling, what would that look like? Here are three I found that express the extreme cold I am feeling as my frozen fingers dance across the keyboard this morning...
Then I started to think, hmmmm winter patterns, what would be "cool"... (every pun intended!) so here is the design I came up with! Will definitely add this to our throw and bath assortment for 2018
Baby it's color outside....Stay warm!

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