Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Technical Aspect of Color

Technical people are well aware of these terms, as are graphics and industry print houses. Many of us are not exposed to this information, but may know all this without realizing we know it, just from owning everyday items such as ink jet color printers, or digital cameras. It is always nice to learn that you know more than you thought!

A tid-bit of more information than you need, but interesting none-the- less:

In photography they call the main colors on the color wheel RGB; red, green and blue. When you take a digital photo and bring it in to be printed, this may be the format that the camera used to digitize the image. There is another format called CMYK which in essence is the same thing, only different. A lesson for another day, but in summary, it is Cyan ( which is blue) Magenta ( which is a form of red) Yellow and Black. Many desktop ink jet printers we own in our homes have this type of color ink cartridge, so you may be familiar with the terminology.

Not terribly important information, but I wanted to give you an idea of how this is information you know, but in different terms.

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