Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Temperature of Colors

As you can tell from my entries, I feel strongly about colors evoking emotions. All colors can be rated, or looked at as temperatures.

Cool colors have a calming affect on us. You often see these colors used in spas and medical offices. I know when I go into a spa and the rooms are painted in a soft "spa" blue and aqua (in the palest of tints), I feel relaxed, and feel I can take a deep breath. This reminds me of vacationing in the islands, when the water is so blue and clear and the sand is so soft!
Warm colors are passionate, and can make a powerful statement in a room. Warm colors are often seen in restaurants and coffee houses. Many restaurants want you to feel cozy in their facility, so they do this by adding warm colors to heat up the atmosphere. I think of great Italian restaurants with homemade tastes, and smells of fresh tomato sauces. This gives me a welcoming feeling. Warm colors can be very inviting.

This will help understand the value of colors ( look back at the color wheel graphic for an easy view) :
- Reds - warm color
- Oranges - warm color
- Yellows - warm color
- Browns - warm color
- Blues - cool color
- Violets ( also called Purple) - cool color
- Greens - cool color

Look at this information in another way, how colors are in your life; as a woman with makeup or clothing, or a man with a tie, or a sport shirt. Many industries are reliant on color. Here is an everyday item that is a good example; cosmetic companies want you to feel good about yourself. Red lipstick or nailpolish makes you feel sexy. Cosmetics make use of so many colors; in eye shadows, blushes, liners, nail polishes, and lipsticks to name a few. People identify with color to make them feel warm, to lighten or brighten, or to soothe or cool them.

Color engages you – in your wardrobe, in the colors you choose to wear as your makeup, your hair, even the color of your car, the flowers you plant inside or outside your home.
- color surrounds us!

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