Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Beauty of Photoshop

As a designer I have come to love all the tools that are available to me, tools that make designing easier.  The tool I am referring to today is Adobe Photoshop.  This is a computer program that allows you to retouch photographs and images.  It allows me to take a photo of an existing room and retouch ideas. This new image can give the client a visual preview of how their new room could look.  I also use this program when creating catalogs for my company to create unique sell sheets, or to just take reflections out of items we shoot for an ad.  The changes you make and the images you create, can be saved in files to open at a later date and edit or use for print ads, or reference when shopping to finalize a room.  Photoshop allows you to save and reopen your ideas.

Today, as I was preparing for work, putting on my makeup, applying concealer, foundation, shadow, going through my typical morning routine, I felt like I was "photoshopping" my face.  How I go through this same routine every morning.  I then thought how nice it would be if I could "reopen and apply" an already created file titled "Morning Makeup" and it would be done - a saved image.    Then I thought about if you work so hard on a room you love in your home, then move, and want to recreate the same look and feeling in your new home, how nice it would be to open the file and reapply - 

Design; just a click away ....  the ease of application!  Wouldn't that be nice?
Your very own easy button; as quoted by Staples  " that was easy ".

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