Sunday, October 12, 2008

The excitement of new projects!

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a call to inquire about design. A past client shared my name with a realtor whom in turn passed it to her client. I was very excited at the idea of a new project. This family just moved into their dream home and it is a blank canvas, a clean palette for them to do with as they want. The best part is that they have a vision, and I was asked to help validate their ideas and add knowledge to the design questions that came up; color, placement of furniture, removal of existing built in units, flooring, etc.

I have a hard time deciding the best part of working on interior design, the fun and challenge of the project, or the wonderful people I meet!

This day led me to call and reconnect to the original client to thank them for sharing my name and to go back and look again at the work we accomplished together in their home. One thing that I am really lax in, is that once I finish a project, I am so glad that the clients are happy, and so happy myself with how it all came out, I forget to take the after shots! So here I will share with you some shots from this project that I love, and feel added to the flow and feel of this home.

We worked in the kitchen, all the cabinets are new - glazed white cabinets, with a beautiful granite in a rich rust palette. The clients wanted a Tuscany feel to the room. They had purchased brightly colored hanging glass lighting they loved, a little more contemporary than rustic. To tie in the look of old world and the newness of the bright colors I designed a motif for over the stove and back splash incorporating tumbled marble and glass tile. The tumbled marble added texture and interest in a monotone palette without taking away from the granite or the glass tile design.

Here I have shots that show from a distance the cabinets with the tile, center design over the stove, under the hooded range. You can see the smaller motif of the glass tiles in diamond clusters strategically placed around the tile for accents. The next image is a closer shot and the last the close up of the primary design, the 'piece de resistance'. I mixed the glass in a bright rust, to highlight the coloring of the granite and tie into the colors of the bright glass fixtures. The metal tile in the center and frame go back to the hardware on the cabinets and add that rustic feel... a real eclectic mix!

Another fun design detail we used in her home was in putting in a marble foyer, we added a great point of interest; a large marble motif. This is a pre-made tile and is available in many designs. The biggest question for the home owner was placement. The foyer is large, but the entry door is not in the center of the room. This same question arose when addressing the lighting fixture. We carefully chose a chandelier that worked well with the colors and curlicue/swirl design in the marble tile. The placement came naturally - center of the doorway - this is the first thing people would see when they entered the room. We had the contractor place the tile on a diagonal to create flow into the house. The fixture we chose had a dark metal finish, was about the same diameter of the tile on the floor and the size, the height of the fixture filled the window above the doorway, so it could be seem from outside as a real centerpiece.

Just a note for all who love this color... you know I love the Benjamin Moore colors. This one is Waterbury Cream HC-31 - a soft buttercup color. The trim is Atrium White. This combination is great for a soft, elegant atmosphere. It is a great combination and carried nicely into the kitchen, creating a consistent look throughout the downstairs, working with all the colors in in each room.

I love design - it is all in the details, as they come together so perfectly, you can take such pleasure in the little things in life - and in the smiles on the faces of the people in whose homes I have made a difference. Thanks!

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