Sunday, July 10, 2016

Conversational Patterns everywhere!

Designing can be defined in so many ways
... from actually sitting down pen to paper and illustrating something to pulling elements together to create something new! It has a wide definition!
Art and Design are made up of so many things
• colors
• patterns
• genres of design
• shapes
• textures
• fabrications
One of the most popular genres or styles that seems to be making a huge come back are CONVERSATIONAL PRINTS! There were so many of these back in the day.
Most recognizable would be your French and Japanese Toiles and Fun 50's prints.
With summer here, and watermelon so full of design texture, deep saturated green and pink colors, elliptical shape, and let's not forget the pattern of the seeds in the deep pink fruit or the tiger striping green on the outer rind!
We were down in Long Branch strolling through the stores, taking a break from the beach and look what I found!
Talk about inspiration and art being applied to EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY!!! These are such fun! Makes you want to pick one up and play!
Expand your artistic talents! Paint a chair, a table, a ukulele!
Art and Inspiration is all around us .... on everything we see!

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JR said...

LOVE these posts! Your abstract thinking in design and applying it to relatable things is so helpful!