Monday, July 4, 2016

Environmentally Friendly Paints

You have heard the buzz words a lot lately about being more "green". For those of you who may not know, this is not a new color trend.
It does not mean that using a green palette in your home suffices for being "green" and environmentally friendly. It would make a nice room color but you need to think deeper into the forest for this to be green.
Being green is much more of a lifestyle choice and a health conscience decision than a color option
Think low-VOC paint!
Without preaching about all the small things you can do to be environmentally conscience, such as re-using your supermarket bags, recycling household items, and shopping at local farmer's markets, I want to give you a brief education about the not so new types of paints on the market.

Low VOC has become a buzz word - VOC as described in an earlier post is Volatile Organic Chemicals - paints with low VOC use less volatile organic chemicals than other paints not specified to be environmentally friendly. They really are the best types of interior paint to use in your home. According to an article in Consumer Reports 2008, VOCs are solvents that get released into the air as the paint dries. They can cause acute symptoms, including headaches and dizziness for some people. The long-term effects are less certain, but according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, some VOCs are suspected carcinogens. Click here to read the full article from Consumer Reports.

There are many companies now that jumped on this trend to keep us all safe, with fresher air. Many sites have written great articles about the benefits of using Low VOC paint. Take a look at Apartment Therapy's 10 Best Non-VOC Low Toxic Interior Paints. I love this article, great summary and makes it easy to choose. In addition, it links you to other articles that are very educational. As a Ben Moore fan, I like the Eco Spec which can be tinted with any color, green or otherwise. I trust the name and love their colors. Mystic is another great brand in this arena.
As you move on to your renovations in your home, think about what will be best for your health and family. The low- VOC paints might be the right choice for you; maybe even in a shade of green!

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