Saturday, December 30, 2017

What would my younger self think... hold on to your dreams!

What would my 25 year old self say.....
FASHION AND COLOR TREND SHOPPING IN EUROPE????!!!! MY GOAL, MY DREAM JOB! and here I find myself packing for 16 days abroad!
I have to say, that as I work with students at FIT University, and wonder where they hope to be in say 10 - 15 years, I know I used to hate that question. Once I graduated, I set my course to work "in fashion", whatever that meant... with hopes to one day travel through Europe, looking at trends, shopping, exploring... a dream I was never sure I could realize. Life moved on and I started my career in fashion, at the "best" place to learn ... a better University that the one I left... Polo Ralph Lauren! Young and inspired I worked my way though the ranks, rather quickly I am told... Met really wonderful people along the way, some I still keep in touch with! Career, marriage, kids, a wonderful life! And here I find myself, kids grown, two of them married and starting their own journey... in a job that I love!
Often we do not look around and appreciate the path, the journey we have taken and where it has led us - closing on 2017, a very interesting year with some very high highs and low lows.... I stopped. I looked around. I looked back and realize I did it! I am doing what I love! Designing, planning, trending, directing, respected for what I do and know how to do .... being part of something bigger than myself!
In a week after the New Year I leave on a "journey" the one I always hoped I would take, one I took last year and now get to do it again - Travel Europe in search of and discovering new ideas, colors and trends!
FRANKFURT is the first stop • a HUGE trade show for Home textiles - where we talk to suppliers, meet new ones, and set plans in place for Home Fashion 2018-2019! There is an entire building with design studios! Some of the most creative, beautiful artwork you will ever see! For someone like me, it is like bringing a kid into a candy shop!
There are 11 buildings consisting of 2-4 floors each, filled with exhibitors from all over the world! I know one thing... I will definitely hit my 10K steps every day, probably by noon and ... I need to wear good shoes, comfortable shoes, as someone once told me... controlled "step management" you want to be sure to walk the floors methodically and not jump from one aisle to the other without a plan.
The next show I attend is about 5 days later, in Europe... so as not to waste time, miles and money I had to find something to do in those days between shows - not too shabby!
My plan this year is to visit a city I have longed to see - LONDON! for the weekend.. what could be bad?!
Really looking forward to a whirlwind tour through every single high end retailer and more, in search of new ideas! Marks & Spencer, Selfridges, Liberty of London, Debenhams, Oxford Street.... the list goes on and on!
Lastly and certainly the highlight of my trip..... PARIS!
My first time there was last year where I had the amazing advantage of having my husband join me on this adventure! We took 5 days vacation time to explore every single museum, in January with no lines! The next half of that trip was spent working; visiting retailers, and uncovering parts of the city including St. Germaine where we found Deco Off Paris, the market launch for all fabric textile houses from around the world! We traveled with amazing friends from Brooklyn; Alex, Danny, thoroughly enjoying the city, the trade show and each others company! Four design minded individuals, together, sharing this experience! This year will be different but exciting none the less! A dear friend, a Professor from FIT, my colleague from work and I will travel the city; explore Deco Off Paris and Maison & Objet - the premier design show for the home and so much more!
So..... looking back, and channeling my inner younger self.... I guess I have arrived! Always keep your goals and dreams in mind - you might look up and realize you achieved them! I did!

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