Monday, February 12, 2018

Laundry Room continued.... tub sink top

So my last post was about my new laundry room... not so new, it just took me forever to post it! I teased and told you that two special touches I added to this room made it mine.. I feel it is important to use the space you have in the best way possible.... today's key word would be small space living or small space solutions. With the popularity of the HGTV shows and booming thoughts of home renovations and "making the space your own" it was about time I got this into writing!
One of things we did in our renovation was to add a utility/ tub sink. I paint an awful lot, and my husband and I do many home renovation projects. We always found ourselves washing the paint brushes out in the kitchen sink and the mess it made, let alone the guilt that "we eat from this space" and paint does not mix with this thought.... I always wanted a "work sink"!
The issue was that I didn't want to store things IN the sink for everyone to see ... and saw this as a missed opportunity to use this space the best way I could. So I had my handy husband cut a piece of wood to fit the top. He did amazing cutting the top corners to best fit. I sanded the edges so they were rounded and he cut a hole where the faucet would sit over in case of dripping water.
Well I could not leave this white, oh no! I set out to figure what inspires me in this room... how can I express a message of fun and creativity?
I chose a theme that suits my family; Kody our family pup being washed in a tub, a tree of life framing the space with the leaves encompassing the entire work... musical notes as life is full of song and so is our home! I stole a few of the pieces of the art that lives on our daughters (in their tatoos- the butterfly, treble cleff and notes with the small 3) and a single sock on the line in honor of all those "lost socks" over the years!
I continued with some quirky messages that I found funny and appropo... Got Soap, Loads of Fun, Normal is just a setting, Check your pockets (for all the tissues that go thru the wash and litter my black clothes), Self Service Wash... a message to all, lol!
I coated the completed work of art with 10-12 coats of poly urethane allowing it to dry the required time in between... so as to have a hard finish and not to worry about chips and scratches. As you can see, I now have a practical surface space, and can hide all our rags and things in the sink under this top! So it worked for two things - storage and surface space! What could be better!

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