Sunday, February 11, 2018

Updating a Laundry Room for Today's Living

Mud Rooms/ Utility Rooms - they are not just for laundry anymore!! Practical every day living includes the understanding that it is almost impossible to keep our homes in "model home" condition. That being said, I am a strong advocate for a central "dumping ground" if you will. Families, especially those raising kids, need a designated place for all of the shoes, coats, back packs, school papers, calendars, etc. (I could go on and on!) that find their way home during the school year and bathing suits, sandals, towels, etc. during the summer months. Our laundry room is off the kitchen, just inside the garage door entrance. This makes it conducive to being much more of a family space than just a room to do laundry!
Updating this room can mean a world of difference to the everyday clutter.
I want my laundry room to be a place that is clean and practical at the same time. Our renovation was small, with fantastic results!
Here is what we did:
- changed the flooring to a larger ceramic tile; better look and easy to clean
- added a utility tub sink; great for puppy baths, washing out paintbrushes, and all the messy jobs you don't want in your kitchen sink!
- added a cabinet to store all of the cleaners
- racks for towels, baskets and hanging all of those clothes that you fear will shrink in the dryer
- tore out the closet and made a "folding" station shelf with cubbies underneath and shelving above - added hooks for coats
.... a fresh coat of paint in a fun colors ( soft sunshine yellow) and a rug for feet wiping!
There are two special things I added to this renovation; my creative twist!
I had my very handy husband cut me a top for the utility tub sink... and painted it to create additional counter top space Last but not least a creative light for that final touch... but these projects deserve their very own blog post! STAY TUNED

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