Saturday, March 24, 2018

Home mimics Fashion!

My life has been about noticing details, everywhere with everything.... there is beauty and inspiration all around us, we just have to open our eyes and notice. For me, I take photos of it all, even floor patterns and rod iron gates. While in Paris my charge was to "FIND THE TRENDS"
How to find the fashion and interpret it into the home market.. I had to post this perfect example: High Couture Fashion to High Fashion Lampshades!
So many amazing fabric techniques, trims and manipulations are interpreted in home textiles; ruffles on sleeves and dresses are used in bedding! In fact you will see a lot more of that in the stores moving forward! Look at this best selling bed from Amrapur Overseas! This is Antonella and one of the best beds we offer! Look at the ruffles, paired with pinch pleats and decorative trim as an accent.
Look at your favorite style, a belt, some pom poms or an old piece of jewelry or beads, see how you might add a spark to your home by interpreting it to fit your style
- buy trim at the fabric store and tie back your drapes to change up the look.
You could even sew a ruffle on to the edge of the panel for a softer more farmhouse touch!
Bring Fashion into your Home!

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