Saturday, April 21, 2018

SHOES! Fashion for you feet!

Fashion for your feet and terrific ideas for trims, appliques, treatments for your home. Have to dedicate this post to my daughter, Erika.... a shoe addict!
I am one of the lucky ones who just LOVES what I do!
I love my job and the creative license I have to design; to interpret and create new ideas for home textiles. Often heard coming out of my mouth "home textiles in not rocket science"
It is challenging to come up with new ideas that will resonate with the end use consumer... something new, a different take on what is currently in stores online and actual stores that you peruse through when you have time. I still love to physically be in a store to touch and feel the merchandise! That being said, it is rare to have the time and then when you do need something, it is more of a chore, so not so much fun.
In January, I was lucky enough to go to the Germany, England and France, looking at what the Europeans had to offer. As all of us in fashion were taught that they are "light years" ahead of us.... not so true anymore with all of the online shopping we do and "speed to market"
My goal is that when everyone is going left, I want to turn right... why offer what everyone else has?
Why shop for inspiration where everyone else is looking - that might be boring and wind up looking like everyone else come time for Market Week. I mean you want to be "on point", and at the same time, offer some new fresh look that no one else thought of, right??
So you might now be asking... why did I title this SHOES?
I will tell you, as much time as I spent looking at home textiles and furniture and decorative accessories in Europe; I spent equal time looking at fashion.... and shoes stood out BIG TIME this trip - take a look at the photos and tell me if you agree.... Amazing techniques, trims, fabrics, treatments, re-designed heel shapes and placements, fur everywhere! From the well know designers including Jimmy Choo, Mui Mui, Prada, United Nude, Dolce.... all the way through every collection! EYE CANDY
I post today, as I search to replace my loved simple black loafers and realize the depth of design in shoes... and I just want classic low heel loafers, lol!
Here are just FUZZY SHOES!!! Crazy fabrics, poms, fur.... lots of fur and texture!
JEWELS! DRIPPING IN JEWELS AND SEQUINS- some classic... some crazy!
ANIMAL SKIN PATTERNS ... still popular!!
and good, anything but old- fashioned.... COMBAT BOOTS!

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