Monday, June 13, 2016

Design Imitates Nature

Every day we are surrounded with beautiful colors! Nature supplies us with so much eye candy, inspiration for design! This is my favorite time of year..... with the exception of the "yellow pixie dust" most hated and best known as pollen.
PANTONE would probably tell you this is 106C from the coated collection
BENJAMIN MOORE calls it banana yellow 2022-40 from their color preview selection book
But, allergic or not, there's no denying that the yellow color of common pollen is a great target for designs..
We all know this radiant color, it comes in a variety of shades! That being said, yellow does pop a palette like no other!
The combination of YELLOW + GREY have become a staple in design
whether we are talking about interior design, pattern design, in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, combinations we see women wear on the street, popping a classic grey outfit with a bright yellow scarf or just the socks you wear on your feet.
The trend of yellows and greys are here to stay for a while... enjoy it, play with it in your space!
Brighten your day!

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