Monday, June 27, 2016

Quick Chair Rejuvenation!

Do you ever feel like you look around your home, and there are things you love, I mean you spent time and money on these treasures, and then others that you wish were a little more up to date? Take kitchen chairs for example.... there are so many styles, and here you thought you bought a "classic"
With a small change and a lot of courage, you can update the look of your chairs ( or any furniture for that matter) with a simple coat of paint. My kitchen table and chairs were probably the first big purchase we made for our home, even before our new "adult" bedroom set! As time has moved on I have always loved true contrast in a room; counter top to cabinets, cabinets to flooring, walls to trim. My tastes have also changed over the past ten to twelve years... I love eclectic looks in a room, however I now opt for the more sleek appearance, adding black into a room to ground it like a foundation.
Here is my kitchen chair; classic lines, soft rounded top with spindle back, nice large seat. I have replaced the chair cushion over the years, changing colors and styles to match whatever new paint I was using.
I thought, perfect classic chair, good investment!
Until recently, as I work on interior design, and find myself shopping for clients' homes, first homes, downsizing... and I fell in love with the black accents mixed with wood. This is not a new love affair, it is one I have had for years... I just did not have the courage to take out the paint and make a change... until now!
A little bit of paint goes a long way to create the look you desire! Next up.... the apron on the dining table to match the black!

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