Thursday, March 5, 2020

Master Bathroom Final Outcome!

I travel a lot for work; to some really wonderful places! My job is to design and create new products for the home so I am always looking for something new and different as well as absorbing the space around me. Many years ago my husband and I were lucky enough to spend an Anniversary in NYC overnight... BC! (before children, LOL) I had worked for Ralph Lauren for a decade and truly understood what "luxury lifestyle" is.. not that I lived that way, but we worked to create the aura of luxury and opulence in clothing that then extended into your home or homes!!! Back to our overnight
- we had enough points to stay at the Stanhope Hotel - OMG, the walls were this gorgeous patina marble, the sitting room looked like a staged room from our RL Showrooms; leather chairs, velvet curtains, deep rich prints.... and that was just the lobby and sitting room! Our room was amazing and the bathroom? WOW! We vowed that when we could, we would create a master bedroom and en-suite, as though we were living in the best luxury hotelever, just like this!
As you read from my last post, when the kids moved out on their own, and we finally decided to turn our attention and $$ towards ourselves... and so... we designed this gorgeous bathroom; one that would rival even the most amazing hotel!!! Choosing monotone tiles and keeping the feel of the room neutral and elegant, would lend itself to the look of a luxury hotel. We found beautiful tiles @CreativeTile they are so wonderful to work with! Stonetech is a wonderland of the most beautiful and unique natural products you can find... we spent hours looking at so many slabs until we landed on this one, that stoneyard told us is called "white mystery" ... for the counters and shower sill - which we also used for the half wall cap, shower sill, the seat, and in the oversized wall alcove!
We loved the textured smaller tiles for the floor of the shower and we also mindfully placed them in the floor as accents to tie the look together.
We shopped in NYC in Tribeca and through the Bowery for the most beautiful lighting fixture! We paid attention to every detail... and love how the lighting fixture is not only seen as the centerpiece of the room when you enter, but it reflects everywhere! In the wardrobe mirror, the vanity mirrors and the glass doors of the shower...
It is such a wonderful treat to come home or wake up to this room, luxurious shower, this sanctuary that we created!
Before this renovation my husband and I had to schedule our prep time for work, etc.... now we have our Google Home set up to give us the morning news and play music so we can co-exist in this beautiful space! Treat yourself! Rejuvenate your space, whether is it a simple paint color change, with new towels, a new mirror or bath mats; you deserve the best!

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