Sunday, March 1, 2020

Master Bathroom Luxury Renovation!

Art fills my soul! It makes me smile, it makes me crave more and awakes the need in me to be creative!
This can be good and bad, as usually that means changing something in my house; a paint color, rearranging furniture or worse off a complete renovation of a room! This blog started off wanting to share some street art... I will save that for another post I realize that I always plan to blog more every year, however that requires the luxury of time. As I look back I see I never shared my "total master bathroom renovation"
and this is a must!
We moved into our house 20 years ago.. with three "little girls"
- the house was built in the 70's and did not have ANY upgrades at all! Long story short, we took a few weeks before we moved in to do simple things like taking down the wallpaper in EVERY SINGLE SPACE ... everywhere there was sheetrock (besides the family room that had "panelling" of all things) we scraped, and spackled and well... you know the drill. We then painted every room and did a few small projects to make the house more of our home. Our girls are grown, and out on their own for years now - when they were in High School we updated their bathroom to make it really nice for them... ignoring our own; as it was a postage stamp and never room in their for the two of us at the same time but ours would need much more than simple things and here we did not have the luxury of $$$ Here is what the room looked like... gold mini tiles, we painted the vanity at one point, cabinet over the toilet, but there was not a lot of things we could do to make it better! How horrible is this!?? Last year we decided we owed it to ourselves to finally focus on us!
We tore out the closet and this crazy space that was nestled between the bathroom and the walk in closet... not sure why this space was every here to begin with...
The wall was removed, and that space was now more than adequate for a true Master en-suite! Construction was long and dusty to say the least... we moved out of our room and into one of the girls rooms to avoid the mess as much as we could!
Then the fun came - DESIGNING!
isn't that what this blog is about??? ... I will share some of the things we chose- the tiles, the white mystery stone for the countertop and this magnificent lighting fixture we found in Tribeca... and the fun we had finding it was almost as great as how perfect it ended up in the room!
I hope you continue to follow me and please.... Stay tuned to the next entry (promise it will be soon) to show you the finished product!

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